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                                                              【中文這樣說】一般情況下,薩姆很難按時完成作業!居⑽膶Ρ确g】Chinese Style——Most of the time, it is difficult for Sam in finishing his work on time.American Style— Most of the time, it is difficult for Sam to finish his work on time. /200604/6458義烏第二人民醫院隆鼻多少錢樂寧外教口語天天練No.66This new BMW is a "top of the line" model."Top of the line" 意指it is the best in its class.This new BMW is a "top of the line" model.這輛新的寶馬汽車是最新型號。謝謝收聽,明天繼續^^ /200611/9621東陽市做激光脫毛多少錢7. The Czech President Harry in NATO Summit Weir on the Closing Ceremony to Welcome Message7. 捷克總統哈韋爾在北約首腦會議閉幕式上致歡迎詞May our forthcoming deliberations continue to advance the best features of this special tradition of the Czech capital city! 愿我們即將到來的會談能夠繼續促進捷克首都的這一獨特的傳統特色。May they advance them not only through the letter of the adopted resolutions or documents, but also through the intent behind them; 希望他們不僅僅能從被采用的決議和文件中,更能從其背后的含義,their indirect consequences, and their long-term meaning, which may remain invisible at first sight.間接的影響和長期的目標這些最初很難被發現的問題中得到發展。May our efforts to this end be helped by a climate of friendship and sincerity in our discussions! 愿我們的努力能夠營造一個友好且真誠的論壇氛圍。This palace, where we shall hold most ofour sessions, represents a rather repugnant relic of the totalitarian system and of its obscure ideas about 我們將要舉行會談的這座宮殿代表了令人厭惡的極權制度的殘留之物what should make up a pleasant and functional environment.以及創建一個愉快有效環境的模糊想法。Nevertheless, I believe that the people who will conduct talks here now shall not let themselves be in any way influenced 不過,我相信在這里舉行會談的人們將不會被這座建筑的氛圍or misled by the atmosphere of the building.所影響或誤導。201612/482670義烏無痛脫毛

                                                              義烏市皮膚病醫院治療青春痘多少錢諸暨市第四人民醫院美容中心This is a picture of Maurice Druon,照片里的人是Maurice Druonthe Honorary Perpetual Secretary of LAcademie francaise, the French Academy.LAcademie francaise的榮譽終身秘書長--也就是法蘭西學院He is splendidly attired in his 68,000-dollar uniform, befitting the role of the French Academy穿著價值六萬八千美元的豪華制,對法蘭西學院來說倒很適合as legislating the correct usage in French and perpetuating the language.因為它規范著法語的正確用法,使這門語言永世長存The French Academy has two main tasks: it compiles a dictionary of official French.法蘭西學院有兩個主要任務,它編纂官方的法語詞典Theyre now working on their ninth edition, which they began in 1930, and theyve reached the letter P.他們目前在編第九部,從1930年就開始了,現在編到了P字頭。They also legislate on correct usage,他們還規范正確的用法such as the proper term for what the French call ;email,; which ought to be ;courriel.;比如,電子郵件(email)在法語里的正確說法應該是;courriel;The World Wide Web, the French are told, ought to be referred to as他們告訴法國人,萬維網應該被叫做;la toile daraignee mondiale; -- the Global Spider Web -- recommendations that the French gaily ignore.;la toile daraignee modiale;--“環球蜘蛛網”--諸如此類法國人民欣然忽略的建議Now, this is one model of how language comes to be: namely, its legislated by an academy.這是語言產生的眾多模型之一:也就是說,由一個學院來進行規范But anyone who looks at language realizes that this is a rather silly conceit,但任何懂得語言的人都意識到這是愚蠢的自負that language, rather, emerges from human minds interacting from one another.語言產生于人類心靈間的互動And this is visible in the unstoppable change in language --而在語言的不停變化中,這是顯而易見的the fact that by the time the Academy finishes their dictionary, it will aly be well out of date.事實上,當法蘭西學院完成他們的詞典時,它早已經過時了。201702/490638Its really been eight years since that fated night in Kentucky.距離肯塔基那改變命運的一夜的確已經過去八年了And Ive played thousands of shows.這期間我參加過數以千計的表演And Ive collaborated with so many incredible, inspirational musicians around the world.我和不計其數的出色音樂人合作過,他們來自世界的各個地方And I see the power of music. I see the power of music to connect cultures.我感受到了音樂的力量。我感受到了音樂能聯通不同文化的力量I see it when I stand on a stage in a bluegrass festival in east Virginia我是在東弗吉尼亞一個藍草音樂節的舞臺上意識到的and I look out at the sea of lawn chairs and I bust out into a song in Chinese.當我的視線越過草坪躺椅的海洋時,我突然唱起了一段中文歌And everybodys eyes just pop wide open like its going to fall out of their heads.然后大家都睜大了眼睛,好像眼珠子要掉出來似的And theyre like, ;Whats that girl doing?;他們像是在問,“她發什么神經呢?”And then they come up to me after the show and they all have a story.表演后他們來找我,帶著他們的故事They all come up and theyre like,他們過來告訴我;You know, my aunts sisters babysitters dogs chicken went to China and adopted a girl.;“你知道嗎,我嬸嬸的的保姆家的的小雞去過中國,還收養了一個小女孩”And I tell you what, it like everybodys got a story. Its just incredible.我跟你說,真的是大家都是有故事的人。真是太難以置信了And then I go to China and I stand on a stage at a university后來我去了中國,我站在一個大學的舞臺上and I bust out into a song in Chinese and everybody sings along我又突然唱起了中文歌,然后每個人都跟我一起唱and they roar with delight at this girl with the hair and the instrument, and shes singing their music.他們跟我一起大吼,對我這個長著頭發拿著樂器的普通女孩唱著他們的音樂感到很興奮。And I see, even more importantly, the power of music to connect hearts.這時候我意識到更重要的是,音樂能夠聯通心靈201612/482947諸暨市整形醫院割雙眼皮多少錢樂寧外教口語天天練No.87 I don't want to see you anymore. Take a hike. Take a hike means a command to another person to leave quickly. I don't want to see you anymore. Take a hike. Take a hike means a command to another person to leave quickly. 我再也不想看見你了,趕快消失吧。 謝謝收聽,明天繼續^^ /200612/9761義烏婦幼保健院脫毛手術多少錢



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